Skin Relief CBD Patches

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Exercise, stress, or simply bad posture can lead to tension and discomfort across the body. Our specially designed relief patches deliver a continuous release of CBD. Each pack has 6 patches, each containing 20mg of premium CBD. With excellent adhesion, these Relief Patches will stay on even when exercising or showering. Think of them as a band-aid with a boost.

Discreet and easy to apply

The patches are small, which makes them easy to apply anywhere on your body. They are transparent too, so they are discreet even if they are visible. Each patch contains precisely 20mg CBD, which is slowly and continuously released over 24 hours, giving you steady targeted relief.

How to use your patches

Apply one patch at a time to the area that needs attention. Leave it on for 24 hours and see how you get on.

If it feels like you are getting the desired results, stick with that.

Do not use more than three patches at the same time.

Extra recovery, local relief

CBD is known to help offer relief to areas of discomfort and tension. By applying Relief Patches directly to those areas, your body can absorb CBD right where it's needed and help with recovery times.

Alternatively, you might feel the need for a general boost. The continous release of CBD means these patches can be used to help improve your wellness, mind balance and lifestyle as and when you need it.

Natural Hemp Production

Delivering you the highest quality CBD products is our priority. That is why we have built trusted relationships with farmers, producers and suppliers throughout the supply chain. The hemp we use is ethically sourced and grows naturally without the use of pesticides. The dedication of our farmers to use only the very best practices ensures our CBD is of the highest standard.

Choose CBD You Can Trust

There are lots of CBD products out there, that’s why we make sure ours are the best that they can be. All of our products are meticulously third-party tested for quality and to ensure there is no THC. Each Harmony product has a QR code linking directly to a Certificate of Analysis database, so you can see exactly where our CBD has come from and guarantees the quality of CBD you are consuming.

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